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Catalyst with Neva

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Tuesdays 11am-1pm OR 5:30-7:30 EST 

On Zoom

Dates: February 7, 14, 21, 28 and March 7, 14, 21

7-week class series on Tuesdays 11am-1pm OR 5:30-7:30 EST 

***Only one of these sessions will run based on which is more popular: morning or evening. When registering, you will be prompted to let me know which timing you prefer. I will announce the time of the class that will run by January 31st. You will be refunded if you cannot make the class and don’t want to do it via the recording.***

$135 – $165 early bird registration by January 25th

$165 Registration deadline February 5th
BIPOC pay-what-you-want
* Reach out if money is a barrier

Class Description

Catalyst is a unique fusion of free movement, cardio, strength training, yoga, and breathwork. It’s a hugely body positive, life affirming workout, spiritual experience, and infusion of joy. 

I developed this workshop based on the blend of practices that have trained and healed my body over and over (most recently after birth!). This is a durational practice. Over the course of two hours, we will rest and sweat, feel and dance, perhaps even laugh and cry. 

We start resting, feeling, and breathing. From there we follow the music into dance, moving freely following the guidance of our bodies. Once we are warm and moving, we head into cardio. Working with interval training, we work our hearts and muscles to their full capacity. Next is a beautiful flow through yoga asanas to calm the nerves and align the tissues. Followed by a brief foray into shaking before we dive into Ballet Barra style strength training, targeting specific muscles through isolated movements. And finally, we end with a long period of stretching and breathwork. 

During this 2-hour embodied experience, there is space for you to be you in the body you have now. Connect to yourself, train your body, work with your mind. It truly is a full body/mind reset. 

“My experience of Catalyst Training with Neva was a full mind, body, spirit nourishing and full contact experience. Neva’s shared wild vibrant energy is truly contagious.”

—Maria Pilar Pina, Alexandria, Virginia

What people are saying about Neva’s classes on Zoom:

“That was amazing! NEVA is amazing. Thank you for the wonderful class. I can’t wait to join again. I left feeling such joy in my body and spirit!”

“Neva’s class gave me hope and courage as I’m facing a lot of unknowns in my life right now. She helped me remember that my body has wisdom and can heal… and that it’s good to listen.”

“What Neva offers in how she thinks about yoga, dance, and relationship to body as home has been such a gift for me.”

“I experienced some rich and vivid sensations during practice with Neva – which is so nice since I’ve found it hard to cultivate that richness in other online spaces.”

What do I need to know?

Set yourself up in a room with as much space as possible (at least enough to fit a yoga mat), ideally an environment that supports you to feel good and have privacy.

You will need a yoga mat, a sturdy chair or surface to lean on, a cushion or chair to sit upright on, blankets and/or pillows for supported rest, and a water bottle. 

If you’d like to use blocks, or any other type of support to help you modify, bring these as well. 

Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move freely, and ideally help you feel good in your beautiful body!

A journal and pen for reflections at the end. 

I will do my best to start and end class on time. The Zoom room will be open a few minutes before we begin. Please do your best to come a few minutes early so we can all begin together.


Neva Cockrell is a professional dancer, interdisciplinary artist, and embodiment teacher. She danced with Pilobolus in 2016 – 2019 touring to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, China, Mexico, Israel, Dubai, and within the US both as a dancer and as the Dance Captain. She is also a writer and director who uses dance-theater as a tool for social change. In 2010 she co-founded her own interdisciplinary company, Loom Ensemble, based in NYC which has toured across the US, Europe, and UAE. She is passionate about using Loom Ensemble performances to open difficult conversations, and then facilitate community discussion to unpack the emotional vulnerability and cultural taboos of each show. She was recently awarded the New Work New England grant from NEFA as a director for Loom’s newest upcoming piece.

She has been teaching dance, theater, and embodiment practices for over a decade, including opening Physique 57’s first international studio in Dubai and developing her own movement technique, Catalyst. Her diverse background in gymnastics, partner acrobatics, contact improvisation, Capoeira Angola, and Yoga inspire her unique style of Contemporary Dance in both her choreography and her classes. She is yoga teacher certified through Simple Yoga with Eric Stewart, and is deeply passionate about the overlap of somatic work and breaking down systems of oppression.

In 2012, she joined the Art Monastery Project, and served as a co-director from 2014-2021 running programming in Italy, Colorado, and Vermont. 

She has been practicing meditation for over 15 years, and has found beautiful overlap in her artistic creations and her meditation practice. Her life path is deeply grounded in communal living, body-based activities, art-making, being outside, and contemplative practice. She now lives, works, teaches, and creates at WildHeart: Center for Performance and Embodiment Practice (founded by Neva and her partner Raphael) in the Hudson Valley.

A important note on class level and caring for yourself:

You are responsible for your own health and safety. By signing up for these classes, you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being, and agree to NOT hold Neva Cockrell accountable for any injuries you may incur during class. Especially in an online format, the teacher cannot help with specific alignment and corrections, so you must take extra care for yourself. You know your body more than anyone else, and you are responsible and able to choose what is best for you today!

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