Yoga and Momentum:

April 21-23
Powerful & Playful Practices for Turbulent Times

What if practice could be more present in your life without becoming overbearing or rigid?

And what if this practice could be:

     adaptable to the challenges you encounter
     supportive over the long-term
     available to you when the going gets rocky

How might the presence of such a practice change your life?

Join Eric Stewart at WildHeart in upstate New York for a 3 day / 2 night immersion in the teaching and practices of Eric Stewart.
Our investigation of poses, breathing, movement, and meditation will emphasize:

How to build momentum in practice so that it doesn’t falter

How to balance consistency and variety

Ways to practice effectively when time is in short supply

How to troubleshoot difficulties that arise in practice

Practice is a skill.

Many classes and yoga workshops emphasize skill development and techniques that address the contents of practice, such as particular breathing patterns or how to do a better forward bend or standing pose. While we won’t ignore this sort of information, the weekend’s larger focus will be on how you can support and nourish a reliable and enjoyable personal practice of your very own.

And while some of the proficiency of practice is about the contents, there are some key capacities that often get ignored, such as the ability to:

maintain practice when time, space and/or energy are limited

negotiate and sequence the tempo, rhythm, and intensity of practice

balance opposing influences such as nourishment and challenge, structure and spontaneity

It is these skills that we will emphasize and encourage.
A consistent, enlivening practice will enrich your life!

Get to Know Eric’s teaching online before the retreat

When you sign up, there’s a special bonus:
You’ll gain free access to Eric’s online yoga platform Practice Bridge for the time between when you sign up and the April workshop. The value of this offering alone is well over $200.00.
And the sooner you sign up, the more you’ll get out of it.
Deadline for registering is Saturday, April 8th.

What people are saying about this work:

Eric is perhaps the most original, insightful, and unpretentious teacher I have ever met. Eric‘s lessons for me have been so subtle, so precise, and so appropriate that I know I can never forget them: they are with me almost every day, even years later.” 

– Chandler Yorkhall, Minneapolis, MN

“Working with Eric has allowed me to forge a newfound sense of ease for my yoga practice which goes hand in hand with maintaining a beginner’s mind.  This has been a missing ingredient that creates conditions for a fresh approach.and instills increased confidence in my ability to maintain consistency and avoid periods devoid of any type of practice.” 

– Carla Schneider, Oberlin, OH

“Over the past several months, I have developed a deeper frame of reference for my yoga practice using this approach.  My yoga mindset integrates a meditative focus on the present, with an awareness of breath as a support for the activity of the moment.  I can bring this mindset to many facets of my day.  It is not only reserved for the mat.”

Patti Pitts, Tuscaloosa, AL  

This weekend is for you if:

  • You have a practice (doesn’t have to be yoga) and are seeking a fresh perspective to reinvigorate what you’re doing
  • You’d like to practice and want to find a way to do it consistently and with enjoyment
  • You have some previous yoga experience but want to dive deeper
  • You are an experienced yoga practitioner looking to study with a teacher who has truly committed decades to practice and study
  • You are looking to heal you body and mind with steady care

Sample Schedule:

Arrivals Friday 2-4pm
Departures Sunday after 3pm

Mornings in silence until 10am
7:30 am – 8:30 – Early Morning Practice (Optional)
8:30 – 9:30 – Breakfast
10:30 – 12:30 – Morning Practice
12:30 – 3:30 – Lunch / Break
3:30 – 6:30 – Afternoon Practice
6:30 – 8:30 – Dinner
8:30 – 10 –  Evening Activity (Optional)

“If you can practice with consistency, awareness, and joy, you possess a key that unlocks the ability to deal with all sorts of difficulties and challenges — including pain, movement restriction, loneliness, anxiety, and the unforeseen shifts that are a feature of existence” – Eric Stewart

About Eric Stewart

Hi! I’m Eric Stewart.
I’ve been a yoga teacher for more than 25 years.
I’ve taught thousands of students of all ages and backgrounds over that time. I’m enthusiastic about helping people access the benefits that consistent, adaptable practice has to offer.
I’m the originator of Simple Yoga, a method that draws on the power of small actions. Simple Yoga is a dynamic and respectful synthesis of diverse modes of knowing, including yogic practice and philosophy, physiology, somatics, and ecology.
I also run Practice-Bridge, an innovative program that helps you develop  a personalized practice that addresses the needs and demands of your own life.
Helping people practice better is one of the best parts of my job. I’m super-enthusiastic about it because when a person practices in a truly balanced way, the effect ripples well beyond the sphere of the individual.
I hope you’ll join me for this stimulating, fun, and insightful April weekend in upstate New York!


Retreat Location

WildHeart is located on 46+ beautiful acres in the Hudson Valley. Retreatants will have the option to stay in a single room, double room, dorm, or camping in either our main retreat center or in private two-bedroom cabins. All options have access to shared kitchens and bathrooms. Daily events will take place in the studio, shared common spaces, and outdoors. Retreatants are welcome to enjoy the lawns, walk in the forest, and swim and boat in the lake during their stay! More info about directions and transportation options HERE.


Retreat Cost (Program Fee + Accommodations Fee)

If you have any questions or concerns about pricing, or need help registering, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Program fee (separate from housing+food)

Sliding Scale: $250-600 for the entire weekend which includes all offerings (TBD) such as: 

  • Group classes with Eric Stewart
  • Access to Eric’s online platform Practice Bridge
  • Access to the land and spaces at WildHeart
  • Campfires
  • Cold plunging in the private lake

Cancellation Policy

  • Full refund – 1 month in advance
  • Partial refund 50% – two weeks in advance
  • No refund after that, unless cancelling due to COVID

Housing & Food Costs

Accommodation costs depend on which housing option you choose:

All amounts below are all inclusive for housing and all food and beverages.

  • $240: Single-occupancy / private room
  • $140: Double-occupancy room, shared with one other retreat participant.
  • $100 Single bed in our spacious “Dorm,” sharing a big room with a maximum 4 other people.
  • $100 Camping, with shared bathroom / shower / kitchen access. Bring your own gear.

A note on food

We channel a lot of love into food at WildHeart, and ask that guests join us for an hour each day in cooking or cleaning our communal meals. We pride ourselves on accommodating a wide range of diets–We serve meat and dairy daily, and always have vegan and gluten-free options available. If you send us your dietary preferences in advance, we will do our best to make sure there is good food for you at each meal! All living accommodations have access to a full kitchen (separate from the main/commercial kitchen). Breakfast groceries are provided for you to prepare and eat on your own, while lunches and dinners are communal shared meals. Beverages include: coffee and tea, dairy and non-dairy milk, sparkling water, lemon and lime juice, red and white wine.

Lastly, our current COVID policy:

  • Please test on the day of arrivals. We ask you to provide your own test. We recommend testing before you come here to be sure, but if you forget, we will have tests available for purchase on arrival. We will ask you about your test upon arrival, but do not need photo (or other) proof.
  • Do not come if you have any COVID symptoms.
  • If you test positive for COVID within 10 days of the start of the retreat, please do not come. We will issue you a full refund. 
  • If you get sick during the retreat, we will ask you to leave, and will refund you prorated to the number of days you were able to participate. 
Thank you!
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