Talismania Concert

(Workshops Cancelled, Concert is ON!)
with Sasha Bogdanowitsch & Hearn Gadbois
June 22, 2024

Drawing from numerous world traditions, Hearn Gadbois & Sasha Bogdanowitsch create their own polyglot style of improvisation called Talismania. The name describes the feeling these musicians have towards their instruments. Whether crafted by their own hands, pursued through swamp, desert or trade, they revere them as living bodies and feed them with their purest intentions. They bring a world of sound to the listener’s ear with instruments like the fujara, dan moi and zarb to the koncovka, bendir, and karimba.

Workshops cancelled, Concert ON for 7pm-8:30pm


$20 -$35 (Sliding Scale)



What People Say…

“…has the power to transport the listener to another time and place.”

I Care If You Listen, Ruth Carver


“Flamboyantly uninhibited …”

 The Village Voice,  Kyle Gann,  New York City, NY


“…winning authenticity.”

 New York Times, Anthony Tommasini, New York City, NY

…a fantastic percussionist…”

Kyle Gann, Village Voice


“…a deft percussionist…”

Robert Palmer, New York Times



“Bogdanowitsch makes music like quicksand: it sucks you in slowly, almost against your will, overwhelms you, then brings you out the other side disoriented but grateful.”

Middletown Press, Mei Tan, Middletown, CT

“Flamboyantly uninhibited Sasha Bogdanowitsch sang melodies with prerecorded overdubs of himself, capturing the rich vocal resonances of barbershop quartet in an equally mystical idiom.”

The Village Voice, Kyle Gann, New York City, NY

“Mr. Bogdanowitsch sang the melismatic vocal line with chantlike elegance. The pleasant, quietly undulant music is awash with Pacific Rim exotica, but it had a kind of winning authenticity.”

New York Times, Anthony Tommasini, New York City, NY

“The piece takes place on a moody trans-cultural landscape in which the composer sings in an invented text and incorporates Indonesia- influenced dance movements around the stage.”

Los Angeles Times, Josef Woodard, Los Angeles, CA

“Ms Ono’s most intense interplay was with the percussionist Hearn Gadbois during the lengthy “Meditation”. Weaving together intricate rhythms on a large, flat frame drum, Mr. Gadbois locked eyes with Ms. Ono as she pulled sounds from her gut: a crackle, a wail, a soothing breath. The pair presented a lesson in listening, as only music can of its makers. It was almost believable that this duet formed on a molecular level.

Ann Powers, New York Times

About the Musicians/Instructors

Sasha Bogdanowitsch is a composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and educator, whose work includes music for theater, dance and film, interdisciplinary performance, concert music and original songs. His compositional output is heavily influenced by his studies of world music. Sasha has performed worldwide and throughout the New York area in venues such as: Carnegie Hall, Whitney Museum, Symphony Space, BAM and Roulette. ‘’…winning authenticity.” NY Times






Hearn Gadbois is a percussionist, composer, instrument maker and teacher.

Midwestern by birth he has lived equal parts in Minneapolis, New York, and Prague. He started playing professionally at age 18 and has ever been a student of world hand-drumming and rhythmic traditions. His investigations have taken him to Brazil, Morocco, India, Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia and always brought him back to an augmented but less definable center. He has collaborated with Patti Smith, Yoko Ono, The Master Musicians of Jajouka and many others. Most of the instruments he plays are ones that he has made.

Retreat Location

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Concert $20 -$35 (sliding scale)


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