Infant Developmental Movement Education

offered by Sonder Movement Project
taught by Amy Matthews, Sarah Barnaby and guests

July 10-21, 2024

In this training, participants will learn:

  • the layering of movement patterns that leads to typical ‘developmental milestones’
  • how to observe infants and see ‘normal movement pattern’ development
  • how to hold and handle infants, to support their movement experiences
  • how to identify ways to support infants who might be having movement difficulties
  • how to support parents and caregivers in learning new movement patterns with their infants

More information is available at

This program requires an application and acceptance to be able to attend.

The below registration link is for people who have completed the application process and been accepted into the program, to register for Housing at WildHeart for this summer’s modules.


WildHeart is offering a communal food system for participants to join.

All accommodations have access to a full kitchen (separate from the main/commercial kitchen), so you can “opt out” and do your own shopping+cooking if you prefer.

We pride ourselves on accommodating a wide range of diets, serving meat and dairy daily, but always with vegan and gluten-free options available.

By sourcing bulk foods we decrease plastic packaging, and by pooling our resources we support the farms that supply our local/organic produce and humanely raised animal products.

Beverages include: coffee and tea, dairy and non-dairy milk, flavored seltzers, lemon and lime juice, red and white wine!

Exact cost will vary based on how many participants opt-in, somewhere between $30/day if everyone signs up, and $50/day if only 7 people join.

Retreat Location

WildHeart is located on 46+ beautiful acres in the Hudson Valley. Retreatants will have the option to stay in a single room, double room, dorm, or camping in either our main retreat center or in private two-bedroom cabins. All options have access to shared kitchens and bathrooms. Daily events will take place in the studio, shared common spaces, and outdoors. Retreatants are welcome to enjoy the lawns, walk in the forest, and swim and boat in the lake during their stay! More info about directions and transportation options HERE.

If you have any questions, concerns about pricing, or need assistance attending, please do not hesitate to reach out personally.

Housing Options

A range of housing options at WildHeart ideally help make this retreat financially accessible. IDME participants are also welcome to secure their own housing in the area, without booking through WildHeart.

Program begins morning of July 10, and finishes afternoon of July 21. Participants are invited to arrive one day early or stay an extra day afterward.

Because of the duration of this program we are offering 20% off our usual housing prices:

  • Single-occupancy / private room: $100/night $80/night
  • Double-occupancy room, shared with one other retreat participant: $60/night $48/night
  • Single bed in our spacious “Dorm,” sharing a big room with a maximum 5 other people: $30/night $24/night
  • Camping, with shared bathroom / shower / kitchen access. (Bring your own gear.) $30/night $24/night


Sonder Movement Project is a licensed organization of the School for Body-Mind Centering® and graduates of this program are certified by the School for Body-Mind Centering® as Infant Developmental Movement Educators (IDMEs).

(Body-Mind Centering® and BMC® are registered service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.)

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Get Updates

Find out about WildHeart happenings!