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Cuddle Party

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January 2 @ 5:30 pm 9:00 pm

Facilitated by Facilitator-in-Training Tommy “Captain Cuddles” Seda

At WildHeart: Center for Performance and Embodiment Practice

Third Saturdays, 5:30-9:00pm

For ages 17 and over

$30 per person

*Please reach out if money is a barrier

Welcome to Cuddle Party!

A workshop on Consent and Communication, cleverly disguised as a Pajama Party.

Have recent events left you feeling deprived of opportunities for touch? Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, isolated, or alone? Have you ever said yes when you really wanted to say no? Do you struggle to ask for what you really want? 

If any of this sounds like you or you are just curious then you are invited to pack your PJs, your favorite pillow, and a snack to share and give yourself the gift of a Cuddle Party.

What Happens at a Cuddle Party?

First, A Welcome Circle & Mini-Workshop

After you arrive at the event location, sign in, and change into pajamas in the private changing area, the Cuddle Party starts with an hour-long Welcome Circle, led by Tommy Seda

This Welcome Circle is where we create the structure and safe space for the socializing to follow. It is also where we break the ice and get a group of strangers to feel not so strange to one another. This is where you and other Cuddle Party participants can…

  • Introduce yourselves,
  • Learn about the Cuddle Party philosophy,
  • Get oriented to the Cuddle Party rules,
  • Practice the Cuddle Party communication skills
  • Be led through a few ice-breaker exercises
  • As the Welcome Circle concludes, most participants find themselves feeling surprised by how comfortable they feel.

Then, Two Hours of Self-Directed Connection

Now it is time for you to ask for what you want, say yes and no to requests and invitations, cuddle according to your desires and comfort (or just talk if you prefer), connect with fascinating people, “cuddle mingle,” and, ultimately, relax into the flow of an unusually playful and respectful social environment.

Some participants cuddle in groups, others one-on-one, while some like to talk and not cuddle for a time, or not at all. Cuddling can mean feet against feet, full-body hugs, head-rubs, spooning — it is, indeed, up to you. And, configurations and positions shift significantly throughout the event, thanks in part to Rule 6 Change your mind & keep yourself happy.

Also throughout the event, the Cuddle Party Facilitators participate with you so that you can feel relaxed and supported and have a great time with your experiences.

The socializing and cuddling, like the Welcome Circle, all take place in our cozy environment, enhanced by an eclectic and charming mix of music played at a volume that allows easily for conversation. There are cookies, fruit, munchies, juice and no intoxicants (other than the oxytocin, that is).

About the Facilitator:

Tommy “Captain Cuddles” Seda has always followed the philosophy he learned as a teen of “learn one, do one, teach one”. With that motto driving him,  he has been teaching and facilitating programs that range from one hour workshops to summer long camps. He has held certifications as instructor with several private and government organizations. Currently his passion for teaching is focused on cuddle parties where he is a facilitator in training enrolled in the Cuddle Party Inc training program.

“What Else Do I Need To Know?”

This event is non sexual, drug and alcohol free, and limited to participants who are 17+

Please bring a blanket, pillow, and healthy snack to share!

Also a reusable water bottle so we can save on plastic use 🙂

Doors will be locked at 6:15 as no one may join after the opening circle has started.

This event is non sexual, drug and alcohol free, and limited to participants who are 17+

COVID PROTOCOL: Please present a negative rapid test.

If you test positive or are not feeling well, please stay home. Your ticket will be refunded in full if you must cancel due to illness or exposure. Masks will not be required but anyone’s choice to wear one will be honored without question.

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