The Desire for Immortality – An Artistic Exploration of the Fear of Life’s Transience

During this two-week artistic research workshop and performance project with Brussels Theater Director Pascal Buyse we will explore how ‘immortality and the human urge to transcend death’ influence our modern-day life and today’s connection with nature. By connecting mystical tales from the past with today’s connection with nature, we explore together the deeper layers of the theme of impermanence and how it resonates throughout the ages. The project will culminate in a performance open to the public on August 1st at WildHeart.

Vocal Tapestry Retreat

Your voice is a valuable thread to the fabric of humanity. At the VOCAL TAPESTRY RETREAT, you’ll get to share the music that lives in you, and weave in vocal improvisation practices to add to your treasure trove of self-discovery and creative fulfillment.
I’ll share techniques that I have synthesized from my studies with Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, Meredith Monk, Música do Círculo, theater improv, folk music, hip-hop freestyle, sound healing, archetypes, chakras, somatic experiencing, and mindfulness practices.
Immerse yourself in the frequency of your most expansive self, through the voice. 

The Art & Magic of Contact Improvisation

Dance with us in one of the most artful places in the region. We will engage in both open jams and facilitated movement spaces, with one full da yat CoSM, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, where we will have the opportunity to explore dance as art within art. The rest of our time we will delight in the beauty of WildHeart.

Myofascial Release in Voice and Contact Improvisation

This Body-Mind Centering® retreat will offer an introduction to the fascial system through the practices of vocalization and contact improvisation. We will explore the principles and qualities of fascia, celebrate the connectivity in our bodies, and unwind myofascial tension.

Contact Improv + SOTAI Ancestral Body

This Contact Improvisation retreat is infused with Ryuta’s life research, SOTAI(祖体), “Ancestral Body” where you will be guided through embodiment practices of sensing, moving and resting of your body as well as journaling, drawing, and vocalization.

Tree Dancing Retreat

Join Marisa at WildHeart in upstate New York for a 5 night/6 day immersion into voice, movement and spirit.

Rejuvenate – a creative women’s retreat to refresh body, mind, and spirit

A women’s weekend of journal making, meditation, movement, connection, and creativity. Over the course of the retreat, we will make our own paper and create hand-bound journals in which to write and paint, incorporating natural objects found in the forest! This reflective process will be supported by guided meditation, movement sessions, delicious food, good community, and plenty of time to follow your own inspiration.

lush & whole: welcoming our fat as an embodied resource

Description: Two fat light blue bellies have roses emerging from the belly button and a hand holds the rose in place. The background is purple with green lush cells floatingDescription: Two fat light blue bellies have roses emerging from the belly button and a hand holds the rose in place. The background is purple with green lush cells floating

Your fat is pulsating with more energy density than any other tissue in your body but most of us haven’t been invited to connect with it. What becomes possible when you have more of your body to feel and move with? In “Lush & Whole: Welcoming our Fat as an Embodied Resource” you will spend 3 nights exploring your fat somatically and creatively, to discover what emerges when you let your fat be felt and known.

The Winter Arist with Hanna Satterlee

The Winter Artist” retreat invites your full artistry to awaken and create within a structured group cohort. Amongst still snow, vast skies, and quiet earth, this three day journey of activity, rest, connection and play will include an arrangement of modalities to help you connect to your inner creative fire. A retreat of contemplative, creative and community practices with interdisciplinary rituals of making, moving, sharing, and discovering. Treat yourself with ease, and see what arises!

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